• World of Whorecraft

    Okay, now I'd like to play on the Alliance's side. :-)

    The blood elves may be as pretty as the night elves, but their attitude is much worse. You probably wouldn't live to tell about having seen one naked.

  • Farewell, floppy disk!

    German news service Tagesschau sings the swan song,,OID6385352_REF1,00.html about a storage medium I grew up with: the floppy disk. The article describes how the floppy gradually got replaced by ZIP disks, CD ROMs, DVDs and USB sticks. Today, computer manufacturers don't bother with installing a floppy drive any more.

    But the author not only knows about the reasons of the floppy vanishing but also about its emotional consequences:

    It's time to finally say good bye to the floppy disk. But whoever saw the moist eyes of PC nostalgics when talking about the 5 1/4 inch disk, the bigger, somewhat floppier predecessor of the smaller quadratic disks, knows: that won't be easy for some of the hardcore hackers.

    Oh yes, it's hard. Here's a picture of my first 5,25" floppy disk:


    It came empty with my Commodore C128, so it's 20 years old now. The label says "128: The First" and was written with a typewriter.

    Today, it's hanging on the wall at my desk at home. Above a Mac Mini that will never know what a floppy disk is. Or was.

  • Really, it's not a cow!

    Although I keep trying to explain the issue to them, my colleagues seem to have a really hard time to understand that a Tauren druid is in so many ways different from a cow.

    And judging from the "enhancements" I got as a present last week, it's even more difficult for them to distinguish between me and my World of Warcraft character than it is for me.

  • Error: Too many flies

    No, I didn't mean files". It's flies. Tiny, pesky flies (they're called "sciaridae). And our plant pots at home are infested with them.

    When the first ones appeared in our flat a while ago, Carolin prohibited me from swatting them; she found them cute and called them her little friends". Well, when she returned from a weekend at her parents yesterday, she had to sweep away "more than a hundred fly corpses, including the ones she had instantly swatted herself. She had been warned.

    Choose your friends wisely, or as Seneca said:

    Ponder for a long time whether you shall admit a given person to your friendship; but when you have decided to admit him, welcome him with all your heart and soul.

  • Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

    From what I've been hearing and reading so far about the new Nokia N800, this Linux-based gadget seems to be a quite nice mobile internet solution.

    Starry Hope counts 10 reasons why the N800 is better than the iPhone


    Open Source

    Third Party Applications

    No Service Contract with Cingular Needed

    Removable Storage

    Better Audio and Video Codec Support

    Its Not a Cell Phone

    It is a VoIP Phone

    Webcam for Video Conferencing

    Its Available Now

    Adam Curry is also very excited about the internet tablet, because it gives you a mobile device that's really good to do blogging and podcasting on.

    Other than the iPhone, the N800 already has a lot of different applications available, as Read/Write Web tells us:

    The list of applications on Maemo is already long, so this looks like just the beginning of a fruitful open source software initiative from Nokia.

    Oliver from MobileCrunch can already look back on a few weeks' experience, he's been testing the N800 exclusively and under NDA. He really digs it:

    All in all I love this device. I love the convenience, I love the size, I love the instant on/off capability. I think it does many things well and the excitement that I feel when engaged with the development community that has gravitated to this platform has convinced me that the best is certainly yet to come and dramatic innovations in software are on the horizon.

    Judging from close-ups of the Nokia internet tablet on MobileCrunch sister website Crunchgear, the device really looks nice and easy to use.

    But there are critical voices, too:

    Otherwise, the N800 should appeal to heavy internet users and VoIP junkies with $400 burning a hole in their pockets, but don't expect to replace your laptop, PDA or cellphone just yet.

    You'll find that quote, together with additional links to other reviews of the N800, on Engadget