• To my colleagues

    Dear coworkers,

    I'll need to go to the restroom soon, and certainly, we all want this visit to be a pleasant one. To make sure business will go as, let's say, smoothly as possible, there are some rules that I'd like to make you aware of:


    So, please take those rules into consideration, so that we all can continue our work day relieved and relaxed.

    Thank you.

  • qooxdoo, Kollege!

    It's nice to find a video featuring a coworker on a big programming website. In this case, Andreas Ecker talks about the qooxdoo Javascript framework on TheServerSide.com

    qooxdoo is a robust, state-of-the-art GUI toolkit and AJAX framework. Its origins can be traced back to 2003, when it was already doing AJAX before the term was invented.

  • Hände weg von meinem Ich

    Auf WatchBerlin nimmt Michel Friedman Stellung zu den staatlichen Überwachungsgelüsten, und ich stimme ihm aus ganzem Herzen zu:

  • Irish girls rock!

    Today, I found Sophie Merry, the Groovy Dancing Girl, on YouTube. Not only are her dancing moves really awesome, but they're also filmed in slow motion and played back at higher speed, but still synchronous to the music. Take a look!

    "Harder Better Faster Stronger" by Daft Punk:


    "Phantom" by Justice:


  • Book review: Perls of Wisdom

    On the website of my side business, Freistil-Consulting, I just posted my review (in German language) of Randall Schwartz's book "Perls of Wisdom".

    The book is a collection of articles that Merlyn wrote for print and online magazines during the last decade. My verdict: While those articles are easy to read piece by piece and permit focusing on one special aspect of Perl programming at a time, you can find similar writeups on the internet for free. And some of the articles are even outdated, which the author himself hints at in more than one article preface. If those articles that really are likely to close some knowledge gaps (like the ones on Object-oriented Perl) are worth the 30 Euro, the prospective reader should decide carefully.