• OpenID = BadIDea?

    When OpenID was made public, it seemed like a really good idea, solving the problem of having to maintain dozens or hundreds of user accounts all over the web.

    But Stefan Brands has another point of view and he not only points out one or two flaws of the new identification and authentication protocol, but a whole list at a time:

    • Security problems
    • Privacy problems
    • Trust problems
    • Usability problems
    • Adoption problems
    • Availability problems
    • Patent problems

    After reading his article "The problem(s) with OpenID", I guess I'll go back to using Keepass.

  • Calcium: a usable calculator for S60

    You'd think that a smartphone would come at least with a decent calculator to do the most basic math. Not so with the S60 OS my Nokia E61 came with. Its calculator application is completely useless. Just imagine having a phone with a complete alphanumeric keyboard in whose calculator application you have to choose arithmetic operators by hopping over the displayed buttons with the joystick.

    Fortunately, I found an alternative on Volker Weber's blog. Calcium is a nice little calculator application. You choose the operator with the joystick, too -- but just by moving it one in one direction. As displayed on the Calcium homepage, every joystick direction is one operation. And if you want the result, you just press the joystick.

    So, even if you don't have an S60 phone with a full keyboard, Calcium makes simple math simple.

  • This is the archive of my old blog

    If you didn't notice already, I moved my blog to my homepage The RSS feed should have switched transparently.

    This website will be preserved for archival purposes.

  • Working on new homepage and blog

    Since I first used Drupal as a Content Management System for a customer, I wanted to rebuild my homepage with it. Currently, my homepage is based on TextPattern and my blog uses Serendipity as its blog engine. Both have their shortcomings and using two CMS with different user accounts, different theme systems and so on isn't quite optimal.

    That is why today I started to build the homepage (that will also encompass a new weblog) from scratch with Drupal. If all goes well, I will be able to make the switch over the weekend.

    Blog subscribers won't have to change anything because I'll just change the RSS source address over at Feedburner.

    Migrating the old blog entries over would mean not only to convert the database content but also the formatting, because I've been using Textile until now but want to switch to Markdown format. So I decided not to make the tremendous effort but to keep the old blog at its original address as an archive. This way, links won't break either.

    See you on the new homepage soon!

  • Palm dying the slow, painful death

    Once, I was proud to belong to the first Palm PDA users -- back in the time when they were still were called "Palm Pilots". I had a Palm 1000, a Palm III and a Palm Vx. I learned digital organization and started to take my data with me whereever I went.

    Then came the Zaurus that enabled me to have Linux in my pocket, and I abandoned Palm. Unfortunately, the Zaurus never gained enough market share and I missed the software I was used to on the Palm PDAs every day.

    Today, I'm using a Nokia E61, because it's not as bulky as a Treo and, more importantly, it has WiFi capabilities.

    Over all the years, Palm got more and more behind the market demand. With their new Foleo product, they seemed to make the steps necessary to gain relevancy again, but the price tag of almost $600 was way too close to a full-fledged laptop. And now, Palm kills their latest child before it even saw the light of day. In a A Message to Palm Customers, Partners and Developers, Palm CEO Ed Colligan announces that the Foleo will not be brought to market.

    We're not going to speculate now on timing for a next Foleo, we just know we need to get our core platform and smartphones done first.

    I'm sorry, but the iPhone is already in stores, you know?