• Does Nokia make me more mobile than Apple?

    Of course, I pondered buying an iPhone when it enters the German market in November. But I decided that it won't improve my mobile productivity in a way that justifies the money spent. I agree that the iPhone has the most advanced user interface of all smartphones. But the lack of third party software is a killer. Even if it is true that Apple will release a software development kit in 2008, I'm convinced that they will control which applications will be made available over the iTunes store. I doubt that there will be an IM application while AT&T or T-Mobile want to sell SMS.

    I've been using the Nokia E61 for many months now and I like how it's equipped with 3G, WiFi, a decent browser and a QWERTZ keyboard. That Nokia doesn't prevent me from installing new software enabled me to add applications for IM and RSS feed reading. Because I can do small things online without lugging around my MacBook Pro, I'm very happy with the phone.

    Based on this experience, if I wanted to spend money on a new gadget (which curiously isn't the case, seems like I'm saturated ATM), I'd rather consider the Nokia N810 than the iPhone. It's a small tablet with a touch screen like the N770 and the N800. The screen of the N810 has been improved, though, and the device now also sports a slide-out keyboard for easier text input.

    For more information, take a look over at Internet Table Talk.

  • Summer has gone

    The weather has already switched to autumn mode, and yesterday, Carolin and I did the switch in our heads, too. We visited "Eisland", our local ice cream parlor, for the last time this year. And not only was it the last day the shop opened -- we also managed to be their last customers for this year. They were just going to lock the doors when we rushed in.

    Since Carolin had a part time job there, we know the owners and they gave us this year's last cups of their delicious ice cream for free. We enjoyed it with great devotion.

    I'm looking forward to next spring when they'll be back from Italy to open "Eisland" again.

  • Wilkinson goes viral

    This is how you do internet marketing: take a common saying, create a story from it, make it a cute and funny video referring people to a game on your corporate website and set it free.

    People like me (who got it from Jan Theofel) do the rest.


  • Starting my first online course

    A week ago, I announced my first public online course called "Perl-Meisterkurs". It's a web-based seminar that teaches all the basics you need to know to start programming in Perl.

    I'm very excited that people are already enrolling in the course. I take this as a gesture of trust and I'm determined not to disappoint.

    I'm so happy that I even decided to offer a rebate for bringing in other people.

    Online courses provide me with the means to live my passion for teaching without having to travel or take days off my day job. On the other hand, I have to invest much time and care into putting together the course materials because they not only have to transfer knowledge but also to enable and motivate participants to learn single-handedly as well as in the group.

    As a platform for web-based training, I installed a Moodle course content management system on IT-Dojo. There, participants are provided with the course materials, forums to ask and discuss questions and other helpful features.

    What I find great about being a trainer and coach is that you get to learn new things yourself all the time. For example, I'm learning to improve my course materials, to use audio and video to transfer knowledge, and to use a web-based training platform. I'm learning to help people learning, so to speak. That's such a great thing.

  • No PC should be without it

    An upgrade, a cash machine, a revolution: MS DOS 5.


    This is just plain wierd.

    (via Markus)