• Podcasting again

    Finally, I found the time and motivation to produce another episode of "Radio Perl", my podcast for german-speaking Perl developers.

    In this episode 5 of Radio Perl, I describe the advantages of Perl::Critic. As always, I talk about news in the Perl scene and present some interesting Perl modules.

    I'll try and keep the time between the coming episodes shorter than the 9 months I was pregnant with this one. ;-)

  • Why I don't like to do webdesign

    There's a reason I stick to web software development in Perl and PHP and let others do the design and HTML coding:


  • Don't make fun of cows

    So you think you can ridicule my desk pasture or make fun of my Tauren druid on WoW? Better think again.

    It would be a pity if you'd fall victim to the cows with guns...

  • Another Web 2.0 service

    While I really try to add new content to my various websites, I just created an URL that will change its page content only once a year:


    Isn't it great what practical web services there are?

  • Merry christmas!

    To everyone out there I wish happy holidays. Enjoy the festive season, spread some love and happiness!


    And remember: there's a reason christmas has been a special time for joy and love for so many centuries.