• Dialogues I'll try to avoid


    Please never let me vegetate in such a situation -- dependent on machines, fed from a bottle of fluid nutriment. If you experience me in that condition, have the mercy to shut off the machines keeping me alive.


    Well, I'll rather throw away the telly and the computer and pour away your beer then.

    (Via Thilo Baum Lounge - Patientenverfügung)

  • Subway-Journalismus

    Wenn ich bei Stefan Niggemeier Artikel wie diesen und diesen lese, dann ist das viel besser als das dämliche Fernsehen mit seinen Galileo-Sendungen, die offenbar eine kräftige Mischung aus Wissensmagazin und Dauerwerbesendung sind.

    (The two articles linked report how a PR agency successfully put Subway brand placement into several popular knowledge programmes in German TV, how they uncovered everything by bragging about it and how they now are trying to get the genie back into the bottle).

  • AKG 324 P -- my Stupidity Shield™ earbuds

    While Andy got his AKG 324 P for the first time and is very satisfied, I already bought my second pair last month because the first one got a bit worn out over time.

    As I wrote about the AKG 324 P on my old blog, they are in-ear headphones that sit snug in your ear, so you hear your music, podcast or audiobook while the volume of everything else around you is reduced to a minimum. I don't want to imagine what my two hours of train commute would do to my nerves if I had to endure all that the chatter and noise.

    I'm convinced that these earbuds have a great value for money and I'm happy that others like Andy share my impression.

  • The sweetest of them all

    I really don't want to start the next daddy blog, but since Amalia currently does -- and for the foreseeable future will -- take a central place in my life, there'll be one or the other post about her.

    And, be honest, could you hold back on your pride if you had such a gorgeous litte daughter?


    Don't even get me started about how fascinating it is how she's developing her own body and sound language. And how totally amazed I am watching her successfully try and grab the cord of the jumping jack at her changing table. Seriously, don't ask me. My monologue would be more intense than any Linux pep talk I ever gave. And that means something.

  • 5 reasons IT projects fail

    In 5 ways to prevent IT failure, I found five important reasons that IT projects go down the drain:

    1. Lack of preparation.
    2. Business misfit
    3. Unilateral decision making
    4. Inflexibility
    5. Scope creep

    Boy, do they remind me of some projects I had to endure. Especially the explanation of the last point, scope creep, hits home:

    Lack of preparation typically begets the kitchen-sink syndrome, where project leaders add in every kind of feature and the kitchen sink to boot.

    A project that doesn't have a clearly defined goal will most certainly be frustrating. And it will hurt the company since it'll be far from effective.

    The ZDnet article also talks about what you can do to make sure the problems above don't occur. Let's ask the audience: When you're taking part in projects, what do you do to prevent those project killers?