• Simon's sister's dog

    You know Simon's Cat from the first two animations I published on my blog. Now it's time to introduce you to Simon's sister's dog!

    Recently, I got an email that, at first, looked like spam, but was clever PR for the RSPCA’s campaign to tackle pet obesity:

    I noticed that you have blogged about Simon’s Cat in the past, so I thought you would be really interested to hear that Simon Tofield, the maker of Simon’s cat, has finally released a new animation. The video, featuring Simon’s sister’s dog has been made especially for the RSPCA, and can be watched at www.giveanimalsavoice.org.uk.

    I'm amazed at this social media approach to get the RSPCA's message spread and more than glad to help the cause. Here's the clip:

  • SCNR



    Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!



    Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

    Four weeks of Peru, starting saturday. How I've been longing for that vacation... Watch this space for reports!

  • Mars laughing with Venus

    Rowan Manahan takes a look at his presentation style, and Mark Gungor's talks about men and women living together really are a great combination of insight intermixed with comedy. Take a look (dear beloved one) and see for yourself:

    The basics: Men's brain versus women's brain. I love the concept of the "Nothing Box"!


    Men and women's expectations:


    How to get a man to do what you want him to do:


    Men's sex drive:


    On the same topic (and it's not gardening!), about an unfamiliar but interesting book of the bible:


  • Nerd Test

    I found this picture in c't magazine 24/2008 on page 129. Now, what's the most interesting detail?


    • Answer A: A woman! (0 points)
    • Answer B: A brand new aluminum MacBook! (10 points)
    • Answer C: A Commodore C64c with VC1541-II floppy disk drive and Competition Pro joystick! (10.000 points)

    Post your score in the comments!

  • Now my library is delicious, too

    I've been trying the free version of Delicious Library 2 for some days now. I hadn't been sure if I'd shell out the money to buy the full license -- it's just a collection management application after all!

    But when I put another book in front of my MacBook's built-in webcam to scan in its barcode and the application told me that it won't accept more than 25 items, I couldn't stop myself from ripping out my credit card.

    This application is amazing. It doesn't do much more than managing your book, movie and music library. But it does it in a way that's totally appealing. Delicious Library displays your stuff neatly arranged on a virtual shelf. The tedious task of entering new items is made easy as pie by using the eyeSight camera as a barcode scanner. Every title recognized will be read out loudly by the OS X speech synthesizer. If you lend out a book, you just drag it onto the friend's contact (imported from the OS X Address Book) and enter the return date. Until checked in again, the item will be displayed as a ghostly image.

    I'm still surprised how knee-jerk this one software purchase happened. Seems like I'm getting more and more spontaneous the longer I've been using a Mac. I notice the same disturbing development when visiting the iTunes Music and App Store. I'll have to keep an eye on that behaviour.

    Anyway, you can see what's on my shelves at library.geewiz.de.