• How to unsuck meetings

    Nowadays, everyone seems to hate meetings. And, very much like a broken relationship, we keep having them all the same. Obviously, we can't get rid of meetings, so I think it's a good thing to see how we can make them worth the effort.

    Kate Matsudeira hates meetings, too. As a leader, she spends a lot of time in meetings, and she wants that time to return as much value as possible.

    "Thankfully wasteful meetings don’t have to be the course du jour. No matter what kind of meetings you’re involved in, you can do a lot to make that time more productive.  In fact as you can make everyone’s time more useful by simply being prepared."

    Kate finds that there are two main causes for bad meetings:

    • They lack structure or purpose
    • Leaders come to them with unrealistic expectations

    Both causes have their roots in communication. And she offers really good advice that I know to work from my own experience. Recommended reading!

  • SKYLTA children’s market stand

    Via the fabulous swissmiss, I found out that IKEA offers an adorable cardboard childrens market stand.

    Although our new home in Bray will be furnished, we're probably going to buy at least a few small things at IKEA. And I'll make sure that SKYLTA is among them, so my little one can start her first business in her new room.

  • Shotgun!

    This short post is not about weapons but about how to correctly claim the front seat of the car next to the driver. Please note that, in order to avoid any conflicts, there are clearly defined Shotgun Rules and Regulations.

  • Never leave the playground

    On Presentation Zen, a blog I've been following for years to improve my conference sessions, I found a post about Stephen Jepson. He's 72 years old, a retired college professor, and he claims that to keep being playful and moving "is the single most important thing to do to be physically healthier and smarter, regardless of age."

    His story is very inspiring, so go on and read the article and watch the video clips!

    My children have brought me back onto the playground and in teaching me how to have fun playing, they make me a very happy man.

  • The Happiness Advantage

    This highly entertaining and densely packed TEDx talk explains why it's so important to have fun at work (which we certainly have at freistil IT):