• Failure is not failure

    "That's okay, right, I mean, if you've got a boss that's telling you to take a chance and if you make a mistake or failure says 'Try not to do it again' and 'Try to learn from that', you know, that's a good thing."

    I like this Hondy documentary video very much:


    To make mistakes isn't failure. Not to learn from your mistakes is failure.

  • A short look into LiquidWeb's data center

    Hosting provider Liquid Web (Michigan, USA) has been building a new data center to provide 50,000 square feet of data center space and additional office space. Infrastructure director Chris Strandt and marketing director Travis Stoliker give a short look into the facilities:


    Nothing shocking when you're used to our data center. I'm curious if my employer will let us do a short walk-through when we get a new one somedays.

    (via Data Center Knowledge)

  • How we can imagine more than 4 dimensions

    We are able to experience only the three spatial dimensions and often consider time as the fourth one, even if we can't imagine a fourth coordinate axis perpendicular to the other three.

    How we can use our grasp on those first four dimensions to extrapolate to up to ten dimensions is explained in this video:


    If you've still got some brain juice left on a sunday evening, enjoy!

    And if your head doesn't spin after watching it, visit the corresponding blog Imagining the Tenth Dimension.

  • Google Mail gets offline mode

    I tried so many email applications, but none could actually beat the productivity I operate my GMail account with the original web interface. My only gripe has been so far that I wasn't able to access my email when there was no internet connection. On the train to and from work, for example.

    It's not that Google didn't have the tools to solve that problem. Google Gears is available quite some time and I use it extensively with Mindmeister.

    Today I found on the official GMail blog that the Google engineers really are working on an offline mode for GMail. It's still work in progress and only available over the labs menu. This feature enables you to use GMail offline, and it also offers a "flaky connection mode" where it uses the local cache but tries to synchronize in the background.

    Who needs a desktop application with internet connection when you can get the internet on your desktop?

  • I have a new superpower

    I discovered I have a new superpower. I call it "parent vision" and it lets me see every sharp edge, wall socket and other dangers to a crawling toddler in a fraction of a second.

    What's not so super is that it's the fraction of a second before her hand or head touches it.