• Business is not only about the model

    I just came across Johannes Kleske's recommendation


    and so I took a quick look at the web site of his recommendation, "Business Model Generation". The header says:


    Because I highly trust Johannes' book taste, I immediately ordered it. But after going through the PayPal transaction process, I got:


    What's the lesson here? Business model is only one part of the equation. The most important part, though, is business execution.

    Your claim and your message may be as great as it can be. If you fail at delivery, you're out. (Not that I didn't have to learn this the hard way myself.)

    I hope that I'll get the book anyhow and its content trumps their transaction handling.

  • The Day The Routers Died...

    I wonder when IPv6 will really be there.

  • Another use for Evernote: Collect conference material

    Before I'll leave for DrupalCamp Vienna on Thursday night, I'll have some preparations left to do. Where should I gather all the stuff — the hotel confirmation, the train reservation, links to places in Vienna I'd like to see? While many items land inside my email inbox, there also are website snapshots and other documents. And then, there's the material I'll collect at the conference itself: photos, notes, slides etc.


    It's great timing that Michael Gray just published his article,
    How to Use Evernote to Create the Ultimate Post Conference Reference Guide.

    Although I'm already an Evernote premium subscriber, that's a use case I haven't thought of until now. But of course: Evernote will willingly store all the stuff I drop into or email to the notebook "DrupalCamp Vienna" that I just created. With my iPhone, I can shoot snapshots of presentation slides with my iPhone and have them made searchable through the Evernote text recognition mechanism. I'll even be able to record sound snippets to transcribe later. This really makes sense.

    Thanks for the tip, Michael!

  • TheFunTheory.com: Piano stairs

  • Inside Rackspace

    This short clip takes a peek into the Rackspace Hosting headquarters. They've just opened the 120,000 square foot second phase of their headquarters facility within a former shopping mall in San Antonio.


    (via DataCenterKnowledge)