• My thinking tools

    Just like "good writing comes from writing and not from good writing tools", good thinking doesn't come from good thinking tools. But tools can help you concentrate on the task at hand instead of the environment you're doing it in.

    The creative congregation of the Church of Mac seems especially interested in which tools help in getting things done. Summing up many conversations I had on blogs, IM, Twitter and in real life (gasp!), I put together this mind map of the tools I use to collect ideas, thoughts as well as important documents I need to refer to.

    In another article, I'll describe my work and data flow when I use those tools.

    Take a look and please tell me in the comments what tools we have in common and what your recommendations are!

  • Understanding Multi-tasking on the iPad: What is it really?

    Instead of holding on to your old notions of how computers should work, take a look at what the new offers. The iPad is a half inch thick device, with multi-touch, forever connected to the internet, simplified, focussed, affordable, and most importantly, can be superbly productive. Sure it won’t be just as efficient and productive as your desktop or laptop, and that’s why they will continue to remain production machines, but given the iPad’s size and mobility, I think the lack of traditional multi-tasking is anything but bad design.

  • Helvetica Cookies


    The typeface will always be a sign of good taste. :-)

  • Found Footage: The Story of Macintosh

    I found this VHS cassette while cleaning my office this week. This "Found Footage" comes from a video tape I received from Apple back in 1984 when the original 128K Mac was introduced. It was part of the authorized dealer training videos given to each store to help them become familiar with the Macintosh. You will see a very young Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, Phil Gibbons, Mitch Kapor, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

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