• The ultimate mobile office

    Mobility is something that's just expected from workers in this information age. Well, I'll volunteer if I can have this mobile office in a van!

  • Viva la felicità!

    Gratulazione a Italia per vincere la Coppa del mondo!

    Ciao, amici e Gastone!

  • Honest Boss

    As a manager, it's important to have clear leadership principles. Hallmark put some on an online greeting card

    I dedicate this blog entry to my current and future staff. :-D

  • The Myth of Transparent Clustering

    Manik Surtani, Lead of the JBoss Cache team, advises against just wrapping a cluster environment around an application. According to his reasoning in the JBoss Labs Blog&ctrl:window=default.blog.PrjBlogPortletWindowDefaultBlog&project=all&from=1&link=The_Myth_of_Transparent_Clustering#The_Myth_of_Transparent_Clustering, performing in a cluster is something that has to be considered already when building the application.

    As much as people would like to think that with modern techniques like AOP, bytecode injection, annotations, along with a healthy dose of ignorance of reality, wishing upon a star and belief in the tooth fairy, clustering can be a truly decoupled aspect that can be applied to anything, they are wrong.

  • Ask Dr. Z

    Who needs actors or even native speakers if you have a CEO that's able to explain the advantages of his company's products?

    Daimler-Chrysler thought so and let Dr. Dieter Zetsche alias Dr. Z" do the "new Chrysler US commercials, highlighting how Chrysler and Dodge cars benefit from German technology.

    Additionally, there's a special website Ask Dr. Z where an animated version of the D.-C. CEO answers consumer questions.

    Do Germans have a sense of humour after all?