• Jochen's photos 2.0

    From now on, I'll publish my pictures on Flickr You can't give talks about the advantages of the Web 2.0 and stay credible without using these services, can you? ;-)

    At the moment, I'm uploading the pictures I took during the journey through Ireland that Carolin, Tom and I went on in 2002. To be exact, jUploadr is doing the upload.

    jUploadr is a great tool for annotating, tagging and uploading pictures to Flickr. Since it's written in Java (as you can guess from the initial "j"), it's platform-independent. So it works on Linux and it makes photo sharing on Flickr so much easier: just drag and drop your pictures onto the jUploadr window, type in some headlines, descriptions and tags, and click "Upload!". Easy-peasy.

  • Ay caramba! Skype for Symbian!

    Mobile Diva Darla Mack confirms rumours about Skype releasing a mobile version of their VOIP client for Symbian-based mobile phones:

    According to Alberto Lorente, managing director of Skype in Spain, from September, Skype will also be compatible with telephones equipped with the operating system Symbian, which is used by Nokia.

    That's great news, because the hope of a Skype client coming was one of the reasons I decided to get a Nokia E61.

    In other news, there will also be a new version of Skype for Mac OS X (german). That's also great because a MacBook is entry no. 1 on my christmas wish list. :-)

  • Shadow Falls

    I like radio drama plays, especially on my iPod when I'm commuting. My favourite is the "Paul Temple" detective series written by Francis Durbridge. Although (or because?) West German Broadcasting (WDR) produced the series[1] already in the Fifties, it's great entertainment to listen to.

    From this month on, the PodShow crew around Adam Curry takes its shot at a drama series podcast: Shadow Falls

    Shadow Falls tells the eerie tale of a remote Northeastern town that holds secrets some will kill to protect and others will die to expose. Settled 400 years ago by the survivors of a mysterious tradgedy, the people of Shadow Falls have become pawns being used by two supernatural forces seeking to win a war older than time itself, a war which many believe could trigger the Battle of Armageddon, and wipe out humanity as we know it.

    The characters are played by professional actors and, much like in Desperate Housewives", there's also an in-story narrator, Molly Hammacher, a girl that vanished in the past. Molly even has her own "Diary Blog giving additional background information.

    The first part of the series was released a few days ago. It's great and I'm looking forward to the next one!

    Oh, and the title track, I am -- Molly's Theme by Munk, is great as well!

    fn1. Obviously, it's a german translation. There's also an english radio drama series of "Paul Temple" available on CD, but I didn't try that yet.

  • Getting girls groking Google

    If you're not a newlywed and don't plan to marry either since you don't even have a girlfriend, maybe you're feeling a little bit lonely right now. Well, using the right technology and strategy, those times can be over!

    Johnny is a 22 year old Internet nerd. He works as a programmer with some megacorp, went straight from the computer labs in college to the cubicle farm. He needs to get out more and he needs a girlfriend.

    What Johnny -- and you as well -- can do to get a go at the girls describes Damien Mulley (an irish bloke, of course) in his blog entry How to use Google to get a girl and get laid

  • German men get homely

    According to studies conducted by the "Berlin Institute for application-oriented innovation and future research", male Germans spend half an hour more on household and family time than 10 years ago. Women on the other hand, reduced their weekly household time by 5 hours. (You do the math.)

    And while women also spend one hour less with their children, men have increased quality time spent with their offspring by one hour. Interestingly, this hour isn't taken from working time. "The new man actually does exist", the scientists concluded.

    (via SPON,1518,428099,00.html)