• Lotus Notes client for Linux

    It's unbelievable: from Monday on, you will be able to use a real Lotus Notes client on Linux!

    Think about it: Lotus Notes hasn't been available for more than a few years (Notes 3.0 was released 1993) and the Domino server has just been made available for Linux (in 2003) -- and already, there's a native client for Linux!

    IBM certainly is an early adopter. :-)

    PS: If you'd like to take a look at the history of a software that has been there forever, see The History of Notes and Domino

  • Save whales

    No, not the small country in Great Britain. I'm talking about the dirty game Japan is playing to dominate the IWC(International Whaling Commission). It's easier than you think: just bribe enough small countries normally not interested in whales (how many people in Togo may have seen one in their entire life?) and presto -- enough votes in favour of the japanese whale killing lobby.

    That's outrageous. And sad. Will we still be able to hear whale songs in the ocean in a few years?

  • Skype goes WiFi

    Skype gets ready to throw several brands of WiFi phones at their users (after they throw some money at Skype, of course). There are four models in the wings:

    • the F1PP000GN-SK from Belkin
    • Edge-Core's WM4201
    • SMC's WSKP100, coming in August,
    • and of course Netgear's SPH101, due this month.

    Handset prices will range from about $300 down to (more acceptable) $189.

    You should keep in mind that some public hotspots require a web-based login first, which quite rules out the SPH101 for travel usage.

    (via Engadget)

  • Working on tasks in the right context

    Lars Trieloff ponders upon a context-aware to-do-list system Actually, dividing tasks into contexts so that each task can be dealt with when you're at the best time and place for it is a basic principle in David Allens Getting Things Done

    I've been practising the GTD approach for some time now and it helps me in a great way to keep focus on what has to be done, when it has to be done and where I can do it.

    I use Backpack!.html to manage my task lists. Every context (at home, at work, places i can use a phone, etc.) has its own page with a to-do-list there. Every task finished gets ticked off, and the next day, I delete (with great pleasure) all these old tasks.

    With Tracks, there's even a special software to practise GTD online. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising.

  • Novell switches to Geronimo

    Starting with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, Novell delivers Apache Geronimo as J2EE Application Server. JBoss got dropped from the distribution, but Novell committed themselves to continue support for JBoss.

    Allegedly, license issues caused Novell to switch application servers, but I don't get that argument since JBoss as well as its companion products are LGPL licensed. I can't imagine a problem arising from that.

    I think it's more of a competition thing with Red Hat, but that's okay. Competition is good for customers.

    Update, 2006-07-20: According to Computer Business Review, it's not about the application server's licensing but about that of third party components. Novell's director of marketing for Linux and open platform solutions, Justin Steinman, explained:

    As part of the SUSE Linux Enterprise development process, we evaluate the licensing for each package that we ship in our distribution. While packages like JBoss are distributed under the LGPL license, there are many components which are proprietary technologies from third parties," he stated.
    "We found several components in JBoss4 that fit this profile. We checked with JBoss and the two areas in question, the SRP security extensions and the application client, ship under licenses that have questionable redistribution rights for Novell," he added.