• Talk about CORBA

    As a part of the -boot camp- introduction programme our new sysadmins go through, I also give a talk about the concepts of the CORBA middleware architecture. I explain what CORBA is, what its goals are, as well as its advantages and its shortcomings.

    I put the slides of my talk (in german language) online just now.

  • Truth lies in the eye of the beholder

    In a recent poll, 50% of 1,020 Americans declared that they believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when the United States invaded the country in 2003. Last year, it was only 36% that answered this question positively.

    Pollsters deemed the increase both "substantial" and "surprising" in light of persistent press reports to the contrary in recent years.

    It seems that George W. Bushs spin doctors are worth their money. The other possibility is that the average IQ of U.S. citizens is dropping rapidly.

  • Using ZYB.com to sync your phone with Outlook

    In a comment on my blog entry Mobile phone backup with ZYB#c707, John pointed to a tutorial on how to use ZYB.com as a kind of middleware for syncing Outlook and your mobile phone.

    The idea behind TechTag's How to easily sync Outlook calendar with an ordinary cell phone if you can use the ZYB service not only as a backup facility but also as a "shared storage" to keep two phones in sync, why shouldn't it be possible to sync your phone with your Outlook calendar and contacts via ZYB?

    The only problem is how to connect Outlook with ZYB. TechTag tried two different SyncML plugins for Outlook, having more success with the non-free one.

  • Love your IT crowd

    Did you already do some work on your PC today? Checked your electronic mailbox? Surfed the Web? And everything worked? Maybe you just got some reports that your corporate website is running smoothly and page views are growing and growing?

    Well, then maybe it's time that you remember who makes all this possible -- the people working in the background running network cables, installing software, doing upgrades to your hardware and explaining in a soft voice that your printer will function just fine if you actually switch it on.

    Yes, I mean those scruffy people in the basement. The sysadmins.

    Friday July 28th is System Administrator Appreciation Day Think about something nice and give them some love for them sacrificing their spare time and mental sanity for you.

  • Jochen's photos 2.0

    From now on, I'll publish my pictures on Flickr You can't give talks about the advantages of the Web 2.0 and stay credible without using these services, can you? ;-)

    At the moment, I'm uploading the pictures I took during the journey through Ireland that Carolin, Tom and I went on in 2002. To be exact, jUploadr is doing the upload.

    jUploadr is a great tool for annotating, tagging and uploading pictures to Flickr. Since it's written in Java (as you can guess from the initial "j"), it's platform-independent. So it works on Linux and it makes photo sharing on Flickr so much easier: just drag and drop your pictures onto the jUploadr window, type in some headlines, descriptions and tags, and click "Upload!". Easy-peasy.