• Pessimistisch oder realistisch?

    (gefunden bei Gerrit van Aaken)

  • This is wrong. This is so wrong.

    Hello Darthy

    (from Japundit)

  • Great Honda commercial

    Honda produced a great commercial for the Accord showing a Rube Goldberg machine consisting of car parts.

    This must have taken a zillion tries but finally was a single shot.

  • The german language goes before the dogs

    Wenn die Klügeren nachgeben,tt2m4/panorama/artikel/790/81709/, regieren die Dummen

    Ich bin geschockt.

    (via Su-Shee)

  • You can now Meebo me

    I have a few instant messaging accounts, among others on ICQ, Jabber and Google Talk. Using a special client software for each of them would be quite intricate, so I got to like GAIM, a multi-protocol IM client.

    Now, as many of you already know, I'm a fan of the mobile internet, so I prefer Web-based applications over desktop-based ones. A great alternative to desktop IM software is Meebo, a Web 2.0 application not only by its name. Meebo allows users to access instant messaging services on a web page instead of using software installed on their computer. But because it uses AJAX intensively, Meebo feels very much like a desktop application.

    Its integration into my Web-based command center grew when Netvibes recently included Meebo in its widget set, so Meebo is now on a separate page of my personal web portal.

    So far, Meebo has been just a Web 2.0 client for existing IM networks. By releasing MeeboMe, it now became an IM network itself. MeeboMe is a Flash-based chat widget you can place on your website. That widget directly connects your Meebo account on one end to the visitors of the website at the other end. Each visitor is assigned a random free Meebo ID, therefore she doesn't have to create a Meebo account.

    If you'd like more details, you can read about MeeboMe at TechCrunch

    And if you want to see MeeboMe in action, just visit my contact page