• Another trip to Dublin

    I'll be seeing Carolin from Friday to Tuesday next week. As I always say, "Timing is everything":

    Of course, I'm also looking forward to visiting the Queen Of Tarts and to having some pints of freshly drawn Guinness!

  • She keeps hanging on

    When I was a teen, I had posters of her on my walls as well as all of her LPs in my collection: Kim Wilde, the blonde singer from Britain I was a fan of for her looks and her Synclavier-backed songs[1]. During the early nineties, her success faded and she began focusing on her private life.

    In 2003, she had a comeback with a duet she did with german singer Nena and her song "Anywhere, anyplace, anytime".

    And now, sitting in the McDonald's restaurant in Karlsruhe, I hear a new remix of the Kim Wilde hit "Keep me hanging on". I think it's being released as a promo song for the casting show "Popstars".

    She may be far from being a Madonna, but I'm happy that she's still in the music business, reminding me of times when "Love blonde" or "The Second Time" were the soundtrack of my life[2].

    fn1. Samantha Fox was another british export I liked, but for two other reasons.

    fn2. Update: I listened to "The Second Time" song this morning. "I've every reason to believe there's still a man in you -- you done it once so come on go again"? It seems it actually took me 20 years to get what she's singing about...

  • Menu shortcuts on the E61

    I'm still trying out my Nokia E61 and its ability to fully replace my trusted Time/System management book.

    One thing that I found a bit cumbersome is the menu navigation with the joystick that I have to do when I want to use applications that are not on the active standby" screen. On the "E-Series blog, I found a nifty hint today solving that problem pretty much: every position on the main menu has its correspondig number key.

    So, by strategically positioning the menu entries and using the number keys, you can quickly choose the folder or application you need without being reminded of Decathlon[1].

    fn1. Is there a Competition Pro for the E61? ;-)

  • Practices of an Agile Developer

    Perlcast is a podcast that is obviously interesting mainly to Perl developers. But the newest episode, Practices of an Agile Developer, doesn't actually focus on Perl. It's an interview with Andy Hunt of the The Pragmatic Programmers

    I recommend it to all developers regardless of the language they're using, because Andy has some interesting insight into software development in general.

  • New hardware for Skype

    As I don't get weary to point out, there are Skype handsets coming like the Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype They may be handy, but they're also kind of boring.

    float: left; border: 0px; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px;" src="/uploads/verballs.jpg" alt="" />Not so the "Verballs! These little Skype monsters not only act as a speaker and wave their hands when you get a call, they also lip-sync to your callers!

    That's so cute. And funny. And utterly useless.