• Video surveillance against terror

    I found a more serious argument about the dubious value of video surveillance in the prevention of terrorist actions on rabenhorst

    Weder das BKA, noch die Generalbundesanwältin oder das Bundesinnenministerium haben bis heute schlüssig dargelegt, wie die Verbindung zwischen den Aufnahmen vom 31. Juli über die Veröffentlichung am 18. August und der fast augenblicklichen Ergreifung in Kiel zustandekam, insbesondere, ob das Wiedererkennen einer Videoaufnahme der entscheidende Hinweis war und wenn, von wem dieser Hinweis kam.

  • Rail Marshals

    When I read Kristian's blog entry about politicians thinking aloud about installing armed railway guards, the absurdity of that train of thought (if you pardon the pun) made me chuckle.

    But I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read Olav's explanation#c10755 (translated):

    It must under all costs be prevented that terrorists hijack trains and, for example, steer them into a Frankfurt skyscraper.

  • Instant Web 2.0 Company

    Although it's still in beta, the Web 2.0 bullshit generator works quite well already. All I have to do now before founding my next company is deciding whether it'll "harness citizen-media wikis" or "reinvent long-tail life-hacks". It will certainly "incentivize semantic networking", of course.

    Next steps: Generate the company name and make a nice logo Et voilà, another business to sell to Yahoo!

  • Performing as a leader

    From thursday until today, I attended a leadership seminar at the Erbprinz hotel in Ettlingen. The seminar was meant as a refresher course about leadership strategies and methods.

    We were a group of 6 team leads that worked really well together. Being all from WEB.DE and knowing most of the others from work did help but was also considered unfortunate because we would have liked to meet some colleagues from 1&1 to exchange approaches and problems. Our trainer Christine was a very sympathetic and competent teacher with a great background on communication theory and practise.

    I learned quite a lot, not only about working with my team and handling leadership situations but also about myself as a person. I guess there's enough food for thought for the coming weeks. On the other hand, I'm afraid that I not only gained knowledge. Spending 3 days in a 5-star hotel where you are attended to from breakfast to dinner has its effects on your shape, you know.

    Oh, and if that makes you wonder why you have to have a boss after all (that sometimes needs expensive training): Seth Godin has an answer

  • FLOSS Weekly

    We're not talking dentistry here; FLOSS is all about Free Libre Open Source Software." "FLOSS Weekly is a podcast hosted by Leo Laporte and Chris di Bona, where they interview well-known people from the Free Software scene.

    Today, I sat in St. Stephen's Green[1], listening to the latest episode of FLOSS Weekly with Rasmus Lerdorf of PHP fame as a guest. They talk about the genesis of PHP (back then named PHP/FI), about security flaws and their impact on PHP's reputation, and about Rasmus' favourite PHP applications, which include Serendipity, the software used for this blog.

    Another interesting episode I liked was (of course) FLOSS Weekly episode #9 with Perl guru Randall Schwartz. He talks about the early days of Perl, Web Application Frameworks like Catalyst, his famous conference parties and about big websites made with Perl, including IMDB, Amazon and Ticketmaster. Another hot topic is the upcoming Perl version 6.

    Leo and Chris are great hosts with a solid background in Open Source Software and their interviews are as interesting as entertaining. Get FLOSS Weekly into your podcatcher!

    fn1. ...forgetting the time and getting late for my date with Carolin. I'm sorry, darling!