• USB cradle for the Nokia E61

    Years ago, when I bought my Palm Pilot 5000 or the Palm Vx later, it went without saying that there also was a cradle in the package that connected to the PC to synchronize data and load the batteries. Today, you can count yourself happy if you don't have to buy the USB cable additionally. Nokia actually puts only a USB connection cable into the E61 package -- Nokia will charge you extra for a cable that in turn charges your phone.

    If you want some cradle goodness that gives your phone a nice home while it's not that mobile, then the review of the ORA USB Cradle for Nokia E61 on e-series.org may interest you.

  • Featured Perl module: Module::Starter

    Sometimes, preparing the ground for a new to-be-developed Perl module requires more effort than doing the actual programming: creating a directory structure, building an initial Makefile, writing a MANIFEST file, etc. takes some time, especially if you have to look up which informations are necessary.

    Module::Starter to the rescue. This Perl module knows exactly what a new module distribution should look like and creates a proper environment. You don't have to use the module itself, since there's an utility included named module-starter~petdance/Module-Starter-1.42/bin/module-starter that gets all necessary information from the command line and does all the work.

    It's always important that basic work takes as less effort as possible, for otherwise developers often get reluctant to do it at all. Module::Starter ensures that creating new Perl modules is as efficient as it can be.

  • Asking for directions

    Many men, yours truly included, have difficulties with asking for directions.

    And it's not just because we like to drive a few rounds in the neighborhood. We have our reasons, you know!

  • Who needs harddisks anyway

    dbdwh01:~ # free
                 total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
    Mem:      98838072   10232556   88605516          0      15572    9993036
    -/+ buffers/cache:     223948   98614124
    Swap:     66581424          0   66581424
  • Featured Perl module: Net::FeedBurner

    One reason for the success of Web 2.0 services is that they provide APIs that enable developers to use them from other applications. You just need an interface module, library or package[1] and yet you can easily call the service's functions from your own program.

    Net::FeedBurner~sock/Net-FeedBurner-0.10/lib/Net/FeedBurner.pm, for example, makes it possible to access and modify the RSS feeds you registered with Feedburner

    use Net::FeedBurner;
    my $fb = Net::FeedBurner->new('user' => $user, 'password' => $password);
    my $feeds = $fb->find_feeds();
    my $feed_id = (keys %{$feeds})[0];
    my $feedinfo = $fb->get_feed($feed_id);

    fn1. In most cases, you also need a registered user account.