• Mary Had a Little Camel

    perl -e'%c=map{[a..z]
    }map 2
    x256)for map{$c{$

    (from the Perl Monastery)

  • Wichtige Orte in Freiburg

    Inzwischen liegt der unterschriebene Mietvertrag auf dem Schreibtisch -- ab Oktober werde ich mit Carolin in Freiburg wohnen!

    Neben den ganzen Umzugsmodalitäten gilt es jetzt vor allem, folgende wichtige Dinge zu klären:

    Wo in Freiburg gibt es einen empfehlenswerten Irish Pub?

    Wo in Freiburg bekommt man Frühstück/Mittagessen/Kaffee inklusive WLAN?

    Irgendwelche Tipps?

  • They just don't get it

    It seems like some members of the IT press aren't convinced that COMBOTS will be successful even after aquiring the rights for using characters from New Line Cinema ("Lord of the Rings"), Paws ("Garfield") and United Media ("Peanuts").

    At least some editors of the german ComputerWoche don't have quite the best wishes for the new project of the inventors of WEB.DE...

  • More and more Skype phones

    While not at all the first to present a Skype phone, Philips could very well claim having the best-looking autonomous handset with their VOIP841 (I disagree with the CrunchGear article that says the USRobotics USR9631 was operable without a PC, because it appears to me as using the USB port to connect to Skype.)

    With Panasonic&catalogId=13251&itemId=98296&modelNo=Content08312006061130726&surfModel=Content08312006061130726, yet another manufacturer enters the ring. But it seems they haven't got very far into the market, since they don't even have a name for their Skype phone yet.

  • Advanced Databases for Beginners

    On YAPC::Europe (taking place this weekend in Birmingham), Dave Cross held an interesting talk about Advanced Databases for Beginners, presenting best practices in database design. Every developer should know them before starting with laying out his first database.

    (via Marcus Ramberg)