• Southpark of Warcraft

    Ah, yes! Now I know what WoW is all about!

    And I guess that, when SouthPark dedicates a whole episode to World of Warcraft, it's become mainstream.

    Now I really have to try it myself. As soon as when I get my DSL connection. Thanks to Deutsche Telekom, that could very well be already this year.

  • A picture does say more

    "Explaining" something doesn't have to mean filling sheets of paper or presentation slides with text. Setting words aside helps preventing language problems. It spares the author from making necessary translations (and the subsequent corrections) and the reader the effort of comprehending a written description.

    The wordless pancake recipe@N00 is a good example. I'll give it a try as soon as our new kitchen is ready.

    (via Signal vs. Noise)

  • Thank god for SessionSaver

    I'm so glad that rue" made the "SessionSaver Firefox extension

    SessionSaver restores your browser exactly as you left it, every startup, every time. Not even a crash will phase it. Windows, tabs, even things you were typing -- they're all saved. Use the menu to add + remove sessions; right, shift, or middle-clicking will delete. "Simple mode" for peace of mind, or "Expert mode" for advanced flexibility. Just Click. Install. Rad.

    Rad indeed! The plugin not only allows me to start the day with exactly the same browser tabs I left off with the day before, but it particularly saves my nerves when Firefox crashes every second time Javascript closes a popup window.

  • Wollen und Haben

    (Update: Translation added below)

    Cruiser zielte nach Freiburg, traf mich mit seinem Stöckchen aber noch in Philippsburg (ich zieh erst am WE um). Hey! Und jetzt hab ich auch noch eins von Tosi abbekommen!

    Folgende drei Listen wollen ausgefüllt werden. Alors:

    h3. Fünf Dinge, die ich habe, aber nicht will:

    • Eine defekte Playstation
    • Allergien (Katzenhaare und Heuschnupfen)
    • Verantwortung für Windows-Server
    • Übergewicht (offenbar ein gängiges Thema)
    • PUR-CDs
      h3. Fünf Dinge, die ich will, aber nicht habe:

    • Einen DSL-Anschluss in Freiburg

    • Ein frisch gezapftes Guinness
    • Fertig gepackte Umzugskartons
    • Den "Colbert Report" im ZDF, im Originalton
    • Schönes Herbstwetter

    h3. Fünf Dinge, die ich nicht habe und auch nicht will:

    • Langeweile
    • Noch mehr Allergien
    • Windows Vista
    • Inkompetente Kollegen
    • Eine Beziehung wie ein altes Ehepaar

    Das war gar nicht so einfach! Das Stöckchen werfe ich weiter zu Kai, Carolin und Andy

    h2. Translation:

    h3. Five things I have but do not want

    • A defunct Playstation
    • Allergies (cat hair and hay fever)
    • Responsibility for Windows servers
    • Overweight (obviously a common theme)
    • "PUR" CDs

    h3. Five things I want but do not have

    • A DSL connection in Freiburg
    • A freshly draft Guinness
    • Readily packed packing cases
    • The "Colbert Report" on german tv
    • Nice autumn weather

    h3. Five things I do not have and do not want

    • Boredom
    • Even more allergies
    • Windows Vista
    • Incompetent colleagues
    • A relationship like an old couple
  • Where in the world is Jochen Lillich?

    (This nostalgia moment is brought to you by "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?", the geography action adventure from my youth that I actually remembered when I wrote the title.)

    It was hard for me to decide whether to leave another data trail, but it's a way too tempting opportunity to meet interesting people, so I registered at Plazes anyway.

    Plazes lets people register where they are and displays their location on a Google map. You can choose your current location manually on the website or even let the "Plazr" application (available for all common operating systems) do it automatically for you by deriving your location from your internet gateway address.

    So, if you want to know where I am at a given moment, go to Plazes and ask for "Geewiz". And if you're in the neighborhood and would like to drop by for a coffee, let me know!