• Switched IT-Dojo from Joomla to Serendipity

    IT-Dojo is my new website where I publish IT content like training materials and my netcast "Radio Perl".

    First, I built the site with Joomla, mainly out of curiousity regarding the CMS's features. But I quickly found out that Joomla follows the "feature richness means complexity" rule, too.

    Yesterday, while updating my and Carolins blog to the current Serendipity version, I read through the extensive list of S9Y plugins and realized that IT-Dojo will also mainly be a blog. So I decided to get rid of the complexity of Joomla and built the site new, now based on Serendipity. Installation was as easy as always and it took me only some more minutes to modify the default template with the IT-Dojo banner.

    Simplicity rules. As does Serendipity. :-)

  • Backpack gets an overhaul

    37signals announced new goodies in Backpack, their online organization tool for to-do and idea lists, notes, pictures, texts and appointments. There are no big new features, but the existing parts get quite an improvement:

    Up until now, on every Backpack page, you had one block of lists, one block of notes, and so on. Lists could only be reordered inside their block, likewise with notes etc. Now, you can mix all different information types at your liking: a list, followed by some notes, then another list, some photos -- you get the picture. In summary: page layout in Backpack gets a lot more flexible.

    For a video demonstration, see the preview of the new reorganization possibilities.

    I've been using a paid Backpack account for over half a year now, and seeing how 37signals gradually improve their products with sensible additions, I'll gladly prolong that subscription.

  • Nokia search application for download

    On one of my recent train rides, I transferred all the contacts from my Time/System paper planner to my Nokia E61. Since it also automatically syncs with my Exchange account via the WLAN at work, I now have all my important up to date calendar and contact information on my smartphone. But with a growing amount of data on my smartphone there came a new problem: finding information. Searching for contacts is no challenge, of course, but what I've been missing, for example, was a search function for calendar events: "When was that certain anniversary in 2007 again?"

    Thrilled by a post on the E61Life blog, I just downloaded and installed the Nokia search application that obviously already is pre-installed on the new Nokia E50. It enables you to search messages, email, calendar, contacts and other files.

    Nokia, keep up the good work! My E61 gets more useful by the day.

  • Linux on the PS3

    Oh yeah, Sony, you really want me to get your new console, don't you? First, my PS2 stops playing my newer game DVDs, and now there'll be a Linux for the Playstation 3

    Well, I'm not falling for that, you know! No, I'll definitely not buy your huge block of graphical goodness!

    At least not before christmas.

  • I'm online everywhere but at home

    I still got no DSL at home. Deutsche Telekom really sucks bricks.

    So, I'm using the opportunity of at least having WLAN access in my room at the Hotel Global Inn in Wolfsburg where I'm staying until Wednesday teaching Perl. Material for blog entries queueing up, so much stuff to read...

    How am I supposed to live my online life while having no broadband for weeks? Man, I'll so celebrate when the first bytes come down my DSL line in Freiburg.