• links for 2006-10-27

  • Catalyst mailing list in German

    German speakers that are interested in the Catalyst framework for development of web applications in Perl can now subscribe to a Catalyst mailing list in german language.

    As use perl; states, Matt S. Trout created the mailing list after some discussion in two of the german Perl mongers mailing lists.

  • Live again!

    Today is a happy day! My 1&1 3DSL got connected, my router has arrived and I'm online with 16 MBit/s downstream and 1 MBit/s upstream. The weekend is saved!

    It was a huge test of my patience, but the timing is perfect since I have to migrate my web server in the next few days. My hosting provider Alturo closes shop and I have to move all my websites and email services to a new server before the end of the month. I was prepared to go back to Philippsburg tomorrow night to use my brother's DSL connection, but now I can do the work from home when it fits best.

    Additionally, I have to answer a lot of emails that I had to queue because I didn't find the time to respond at work. And of course there's the second episode of Radio Perl that waits to be recorded.

    The weekend will not be boring, I guess.

  • links for 2006-10-26

  • Skype for Symbian is official

    Finally, according to the german news site Golem, Skype officially announced a software version of their VOIP client for Symbian-based cell phones until end of the year.

    Skype hasn't disclosed yet what Symbian platform exactly the client is being developed for, but since it is meant to be available on some Nokia phones first, we can assume that it'll be the S60 3rd edition that the recent N-series and E-series models run on.

    Needless to say that Mobile operators are reluctant to support Skype on their networks, but I guess I can at least stop looking for a wireless home phone now.