• Bloglines adds blog playlists

    A few days ago, Bloglines added a playlist feature to their online feed reader: Just like titles in a music collection, you can group your feeds into separate playlists that make reading of new blog entries and news as well as listening to new netcast episodes much easier.
    You can group your feeds at your choosing, so for example, you can make a "almost no time" playlist that only contains the most important information sources that you want to tap even when there's only little time.

    I'm quite happy with Bloglines adding practical features periodically, and no other RSS aggregating service could so far draw me away from Bloglines.

    Of course I had a look at the new Google Reader, and it really is nice. The user interface, e.g. the "mark the entry as read not until I actually read it" feature, is great. But Google Reader falls short in one area that is very important to me: mobile access. While Google also offers a mobile version of their feed reader, you can't choose which feeds you actually want to read when you're on the road. It just displays everything, in chronological order. That's very impractical when you subscribe to high volume feeds like Engadget or the Perl Monastery. I don't want to have to go through hundreds of product announcements on my smartphone before I get to the feeds of my friends.

    Bloglines allows me to choose which feeds should be displayed in the mobile version. And with their new playlist feature, they make displaying different feeds in different situations even more flexible and easy.

  • You have to love Maddog

    I arrived at Cologne already on saturday, November 11th... (knowing laughter from the audience) ...and at 11 o'clock, carnival started. People were happy and had fun. Cologne is a very beautiful city. But later, wandering around, you could spot some places with broken glass and garbage people discarded. From some distance away, though, Cologne was still looking as nice as usual. A "vista", in the english language, is something that looks beautiful from some distance away, but if you come closer, you'll start to see the broken glass and the trash that's there.

    (Paraphrased introduction of Jon "Maddog" Hall's keynote at LinuxWorld Expo in Cologne)

  • LinuxWorld Conference & Expo

    It's the first day of the german LinuxWorld and I'm here in Cologne to take a look at the exhibition but especially to catch up with new ideas and developments.

    I arrived in Cologne at 10, threw my suitcase into my not yet ready hotel room and rushed off to the fair.

    I'm looking forward to the conference tracks with such different topics such as highly-available data storage, virtualization with Xen or the scalability aspects of Linux.

    I'll be back with another blog entry when I have some interesting bits.

    Tonight, I'll take the opportunity of meeting El Loco and have one or twelve beers together. And if you're at LinuxWorld, too, and would like to meet me there, then please drop me an email!

  • And the picture caption of the day award...

    goes to Bernie

  • Organize your stuff with playlists

    Today, I discovered two completely different areas where playlists can bring both order and diversity into your stuff:

    First, there's music collections. I guess that's what you thought of when you read playlists". With playlists, you can divide your music into different categories, genres, moods and so on. What I really got to appreciate are iTunes' "Intelligent Playlists". Those playlists are not simple static folders you drag and drop your songs into, but dynamic collections of music meeting certain user-defined criteria. If you want to see some examples how you can get the maximum out of those music organization tools, read about "Merlin Mann's playlists

    There's another kind of collection that can also be organized with playlists: From now on, you can make playlists of your Bloglines RSS feeds#128. But I'll write about that soon in another article.