On Wednesday and Thursday, I'll be in Nuremberg again for this year's Open Source Datacenter Conference. It has a great lineup, for example:

  • Kris Buytaert, Devops evangelist and fellow Drupalista
  • Kristian Köhntopp, with whom I shared an employer and still share the pleasure of drinking whisky
  • Kenny Gryp and Alexey Kopytov from the MySQL experts at Percona
  • Olivier Renault, cloud computing engineer at Eucalyptus

And it looks like my Chef presentation at OSDC 2011 was well-received enough for host Netways to have me take part again, this time to talk about organizing IT teams with the Kanban method. Thanks, guys!

I'm already excited and can't wait to get on the train on Tuesday. Not only will this be an amazing source of inspiration and knowledge. It's meeting all those great minds in person and reuniting with former colleagues like Kris, Peter and Martin (Andy: a pity that you won't be there) what I'll enjoy the most.