Since I started preparing for my new business, I've had to catch up with all the IT operations technology that's out there. Especially with technology that comes in form of Free Software. Not that I had lost contact to the systems administration world altogether, but working two levels above the operations staff I didn't have first-hand experience any more. And, as an IT manager, I actually wasn't supposed to, anyway.

Now that I'm back at the command line and NOC screen for my own business, I've got quite a bit of (re-)learning to do. (That's a part of what I meant with growth, by the way.) And, as is obviously in my nature, I'd like to share what I learn here. That's why I've started a new blog called "IT Operations Blog". It's in German — I'd like to prove the naysayers out there wrong that claim that I've lost my mother tongue.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd come around and took a peek. And, if you'd like to further brighten my day, please leave a comment every once in a while or flag some entries that you've found worthwhile as a favourite.

Finally, the IT Operations Blog doesn't have to be a one-man show! Maintaining it in a group surely could be fun! So, if you'd like to join me in writing about systems administration and IT operations topics, give me a shout!