More and more people are interested in working from home. A study of German IT industry association BITKOM showed that about two thirds of the 1000 respondents would like to have more flexible work conditions. For another ten percent, this is already reality; they are working from home regularly part of the week or even completely.

On May 1st (Labour Day in Germany), BITKOM president Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer explained that telecommuting and more flexible work conditions provide an advantage for both employees and companies: "Employees are able to better combine work and family while employers can retain qualified employees for a longer term". In times of economic crisis, he stated, telecommuting also increases efficiency since commuters save on travel time and companies on office space.

Markus Albers' book "Morgen komm ich später rein" ("Tomorrow, I'll be in late") is a great read on this topic. Over the coming weeks, I'm going to collect some of his insights and additional tips from the web on establishing and efficiently using a home office.