If you're a manager, you'll encounter yuck. What I mean is all the things that you hesitate to tackle, issues that you'd rather avoid and pretend they don't exist.

So you don't want to actively engage with the yuck. But you should, says
Allison O’Neill over on Slow Leadership!

The best leaders constantly seek out the weakest parts of the business so something can be done about them. Yuck isn’t scary and yuck isn’t terrible. It is powerful and wonderful. It is the kind of stuff that once addressed can totally overhaul workplaces, people and profits.

Improvement and innovation comes from people that address the yuck despite all the people admiring the emperor's new clothes.

That's what we did today when we talked about how we can provide 24/7 IT services in a team that suffers from a very unhealthy responsibility-to-headcount ratio. To be honest, I was unsure how much the team was willing to productively work towards a solution instead of just venting frustration and anger about missing growth. But we found some very interesting approaches towards meeting the relevant demands. I'm glad that I decided to tackle the topic once and for all and gained hope that we'll find a solution as a team.

I'll keep trying not to hesitate to address the yuck in my job. But I wonder if the 'stupidest thing we do around here' competition Allison talks about wouldn't take us weeks to decide upon a winner. ;-)