On April 29th and 30th, I'm taking the "opportunity to meet with Open Source professionals and insiders, gather and share information over 2 days of presentations, hands-on workshops and social networking" by visiting the Open Source Data Center Conference.

Talks I'm especially interested in are:

  • Luke Kanies: Using Puppet for Unix automation and configuration management
  • Alexei Vladishev: Open Source Enterprise Monitoring with Zabbix
  • Florian Haas: Virtual consolidated HA: Virtualization with KVM, Pacemaker, and DRBD
  • Balazs Scheidler: syslog-ng 3.0, opening new possibilities
  • Kristian Köhntopp: Using kickstart and puppet to automate system administration
  • Kristian Köhntopp: MySQL database architecture and performance in big environments
  • Florian Forster: Performance analysis in big environments with collectd
  • Michael Prokop: Open Source and enterprise: the attempt at convergence
  • Marco Knüttel: Load balancing with Linux Virtual Server
  • Jens Bothe: Design of CI classes for data centers in OTRS::ITSM
  • Dr. Michael Schwartzkopff: Linux-HA Version 2
  • Dennis Stücken: i-doit / Open Source CMDB
  • Geert Vanderkelen: MySQL Cluster
  • Benedikt Stockebrand: IPv6 in the data center -- but not without Open Source

I'm looking forward to getting insight into current developments and even more to meeting up with other IT executives. Are any of my ex-colleagues (apart from Kris, obviously) going to go to OSDC? I'd be happy to get together with you for some beer in the evening!