I've been using Laser printers for many years because of the amount of paper I had to process for training manuals and other many-page documents. My current one, a Lexmark Optra T522dn, started printing with deteriorating quality some weeks ago. Because parts of the page that are already printed reappear a bit down the page, I guess it's some central unit that needs repair. The problem is that those parts usually cost more than a new printer.

That's why I went out (on Amazon, that is) and bought a HP Deskjet 6980. It seems to work okay with both Mac and Linux, has duplex functionality and not only a LAN connector, but can even be accessed via WiFi. I just don't need a big honking laser printer any more since if I have to print high volume (which now happens quite rarely), I do it through services like lulu.com.

The advantages I've found so far are:

  • I don't have to put it at my feet under my desk. I nicely fits into my book shelf.
  • I just need a power socket nearby, because after the initial WiFi configuration, the printer doesn't need a LAN cable any more.
  • Printing noise has gone way down, and the room doesn't smell of ozone afterwards any more.
  • I now can print in colour. I won't use it for photo printing, though, because a photo lab will beat its quality any time.

I haven't used the device enough to find its disadvantages, so I'll post them when they rear their ugly head.