Last week was really relaxing. I had taken four days off, which with the public holiday (All Saints) on thursday, resulted in a whole week of time completely at my own disposal.

I was finally able to whip my self management back into shape, giving me the feeling of being in control of my many tasks back again. I emptied my private email inbox, answering many mails that were waiting for days. I worked on the material and answered questions from participants of my Perl online course and did some thinking about new courses. I even kept a thin lifeline to Karlsruhe, answering select emails from the data center. And, of course, I spent much time with Carolin.

Today, I went back to my office at 1&1. Where I stayed for a few minutes before I joined my IT management colleagues for a three-day ITIL foundation class. Unfortunately, once again, the curse of existing knowledge hit me: since the trainer spent the whole day on basics I mostly already knew, there wasn't much to keep me alert. Since I had to get up at 5:30 to be at the seminar in time after over an hour of train commute, I drank an overdose of coffee, which I'm afraid won't let me go to sleep as early as would be necessary to get up freshly in time tomorrow. But if that wasn't enough for a first day back at work, we had a meeting afterwards to discuss some mistakes that happened in system administration over the recent weeks with my boss's boss. I'm now sitting tired on a homebound train that will reach Freiburg at 19:00.

Almost all the energy I gained last week seems to have vanished already. I long for a quiet evening with my precious to recharge at least a bit. Which probably means an episode of Black Books before I pass out.

Two more days of training left. After that, I'll have to recover from 8 days of absence from my desk. Oh the joy. Seems I'll have to reread a blog entry about self-motivation I posted last week.