Since I first used Drupal as a Content Management System for a customer, I wanted to rebuild my homepage with it. Currently, my homepage is based on TextPattern and my blog uses Serendipity as its blog engine. Both have their shortcomings and using two CMS with different user accounts, different theme systems and so on isn't quite optimal.

That is why today I started to build the homepage (that will also encompass a new weblog) from scratch with Drupal. If all goes well, I will be able to make the switch over the weekend.

Blog subscribers won't have to change anything because I'll just change the RSS source address over at Feedburner.

Migrating the old blog entries over would mean not only to convert the database content but also the formatting, because I've been using Textile until now but want to switch to Markdown format. So I decided not to make the tremendous effort but to keep the old blog at its original address as an archive. This way, links won't break either.

See you on the new homepage soon!