I had to go to the citizen registration office today, so I couldn't get my early train. I decided to spend my waiting time after the registration (which was short and painless) with a Caramel Macchiato at Freiburg's Starbucks.

Having read about US Starbucks having free WiFi, I expected my local one to follow suit, but I got disappointed. Because the only Internet access offered there is provided by Deutsche Telekom at a horrendous rate of about 8 Euro per hour, I rather used my 3G/UMTS connection from my E61 for getting my early morning dose of blog reading. I use Vodafone's PDA rate for low data volumes, paying 9 Euro per month for 30MB -- enough for doing a little WWW every so often.

The coffee recipes may be the same delicious (and expensive) ones as in the home land of Starbucks. But to get me as a more frequent customer, Starbucks Germany better get their act together in the WiFi department.