Just after moving into our new flat in Freiburg, I now also had to change my webserver.

My former hosting provider Alturo closed shop today, so I had to get me another hosted server. On the night from Saturday to Sunday, I installed Ubuntu Linux and moved all the services and content over to the new server. It didn't take much effort, because when I installed the old server, I organized everything that it could be moved easily. Copying all the stuff and adapting configurations to new software versions took some time, though: I worked from about 11 to 3 o'clock in the morning.

Moving the websites without a DSL connection at home would have been a nightmare. But fortunately, I got the uplink and the router hardware just in time on Friday evening.

My homepage, IT-Dojo and all my other websites as well as those of some friends and customers, are now hosted on a brandnew machine with lots of RAM and RAID1 storage. This should give us some performance boost.

Everything seems to run smoothly (after some tiny corrections over Sunday), and I'll try and keep this server longer than its predecessor: tomorrow, I'll shred that one's harddisk contents and shut it down after 296 days of continuous uptime.