The new Nokia browser for S60 does a good job making mobile surfing a pleasureable experience. Especially if a website offers a mobile version for smartphones and PDAs, the small screen is not as bad for browsing the web as you might think.

Bloglines is one of those websites that offer a version for mobile devices, so I can read blog and news feeds when I'm on the way or tied to a place[1].

Now, Bloglines integrated Skweezer#120 to make reading RSS feeds faster and more important, cheaper: Skweezer optimizes websites for the transfer to mobile devices and displaying on small screens by compressing and reformatting the content. It can reduce the amount of transmitted data by more than 80 percent

Skweezer is not constricted to Bloglines, though. Instead of visiting a website directly, just go to the Skweezer website and input the website URL there. Skweezer will then deliver its optimzed version to you.

Since I'm doing my mobile surfing with Vodafone's lowest volume data plan, I'll certainly give reducing my data transfer with Skweezer a try.

fn1. It's amazing how much you can learn on a toilet.