Timing is everything. Just when I decide to get a Mac, Apple upgrades the Mac Mini without raising prices.

Both models now sport an Intel Core Duo processor, one with 1.83GHz, one with 1.66GHz. The faster model also has a SuperDrive (DVD writer) instead of a ComboDrive (DVD reader, CD writer).

I have been interested in Macs for quite some time because they combine an Unix operating system with market and ISV acceptance. While I can find fine Linux software for almost everything I do with the computer, there is still at least one area where more effort seems to be necessary than even I am willing to invest: audio production. I'd like a workstation that I can hook my MIDI keyboard and microphone onto and start recording.

So, about two weeks ago, I decided to get a Mac Mini. I was aware that Apple was likely to present new models in September, and it was worth waiting. There'll be a new computer in my new home.