There are two new major features available for Backpack that make it even more suitable for getting order in your work and private life:

First of all, 37signals tonight finally added the long awaited calendar It's a fine addition to the already existing reminders and easy to use. Via iCal, you can connect it to the calendar software on your desktop. Of course it totally fits into the whole "less is more" mantra of 37signals, so don't expect all the bells and whistles of other calendar software.

Furthermore, celltell now offers voiceNote for Backpack You start by registering up to three originating phone numbers (e.g. your home and mobile number) and the email address of one of your Backpack pages. In return, you get a voiceNote phone number. voiceNote then records every call you make from one of these phones to the voiceNote number and sends the recorded message to Backpack where you can retrieve the sound file later. In other words, your phone and voiceNote for Backpack combined make some kind of networked dictaphone.

Backpack has already been a great tool for organizing tasks and information so far, but these two additions make it even better. From Germany, I won't be able to use voiceNote (except if I used SkypeOut), but I'll definitely have a look at the calendar.