After months of development (corresponding to 20,000 hours of work), WebGUI 7.0 was released today

The WebGUI Content Engine® is a Content Management System, Intranet framework, and Web Development kit all rolled into one. Extremely powerful and user friendly, WebGUI is the driving force behind thousands of small business websites and enterprise environments, including several Fortune 500 companies.

I've been using WebGUI 5.x, i.e. the stable versions before the 6.x development branch, for years now on a couple of websites. The boys from Plain Black, the company driving the WebGUI development, supported by voluntary Perl hackers, took their time to release a really complete and groundbreaking new stable version 7.0. It was completely reworked from the core outside and boast many new features.

So I guess I will do a first test drive over the weekend. Let's see if it was worth the wait.