Cool jazz for cold weather

I decided to spend some quiet time at the office today. After a few stressful days which made me take the tram to save time, it was time to do my 5000 steps to get into the city again.

Inspired by David Sparks’ blog post “Farewell Dave Brubeck” which I read this morning, I chose the “Time Out” album for my walking entertainment instead of my usual podcasts or audiobooks.

I enjoyed listening to the music of the recently deceased Jazz giant very much while walking through the cold winter air. Thanks to my Stupidity Shield™ earbuds, I heard almost nothing from my surroundings and I felt like in the opening scene of “When Harry met Sally”.

The only problem with listening to Brubeck during a walk is that synchronizing your steps with the music will be difficult (and certainly awkward) with many of his songs. As David puts it:

“Dave will be missed but people will be unsuccessfully trying to tap their feet to his music long after anyone remembers any of us. Farewell Dave.”

Internet, my much better radio

I’m not very sophisticated in regards to music. In my early years, I relied solely on my favourite radio station to provide me with enjoyable songs, so my taste developed quite mainstreamish.

Thanks to the Internet, it’s getting better. Spotify is very useful to quickly check recommendations of interesting artists and bands I find in magazines or online.

What I find very interesting is how YouTube plays an increasingly important role in my musical education. Recently, I’ve came across very creative works that I never would have heard on the radio.

A good example is two very different cover versions of “Somebody That I Used to Know”. I’ve actually never heard the original by Gotye, but I suspect that these two cover versions are both more creative and more entertaining.

The first version is by the awesome Walk off the Earth and features many people playing one instrument:

The second version has one person (Ingrid Michaelson) playing many instruments:

But it doesn’t have to be cover versions. Here’s “In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis:

The song doesn’t impress me so much by its musical qualities as by the effort that went into producing the video:

So, thank you, Internet, and keep the great music suggestions coming!