Meetingless Standups

Keeping the whole team in the loop about what its members are currently busy with is essential for effective collaboration. Especially for distributed teams. For them, the most common method, the daily Stand-up Meeting, doesn’t work as well as it does with co-located teams. At freistil IT, we’ve replaced them with daily status check emails.

In his blog post “Kill your standup, Alex Godin describes a variant of the email approach practised at they call “Show and Tell”. Obviously, email as a communication tool is far from dead.

2 thoughts on “Meetingless Standups”

  1. If you accept the electronic reporting style you don’t have to use email. You can also use status postings in a Forum or Blog or in a Wiki.

  2. Hi Bernd, thanks for the addition!

    Of course, these updates don’t need to be distributed necessarily via email. We use Google Groups for email distribution and archival, and it also has a web view, so the lines to a forum are actually blurred.

    I’ve also experimented with blogs but I’ve learned that reducing friction/effort is key here. From this POV, nothing beats email.

    The daily automated email works both as a reminder and as a template that everyone simply fills with their information. I’m quite thrilled how well that works.

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