The new knowledge management

“How can we make sure everyone of our employees has access to the knowledge they need to do a kick-ass job?” My colleagues and I ask this question every other day. We already use Wiki technology intensively and recently, I gave the impulse to create an internal blog platform. But, as the three presentations from clearly explain, that’s still far from having effective knowledge management.

Part 1: The Wikipedia Myth

You don’t get knowledge management by installing a wiki. A wiki, although efficient, is only a tool.

Part 2: People at the Center

Knowledge is what people know, so you have to include them in the equation.


Part 3: Getting Started

Maybe creating a wiki gets you a powerful tool. But only by creating a culture of sharing information, you get effective knowledge management.


There’s much to learn from these presentations. Thanks for all this food for thought!

(via Armin Karge)